• Class Structure:

    Each block is 86 minutes consisting of Do Now, Lesson, and Project work time.

    Each class begins with a 5-10 minute Do Now. This can be done on blank loose paper and saved or in Sketchbook, it will be a part of the Sketchbook grade. Please date the top right corner of the page.

    Lessons may be before work time or after as a summary/ reflection. Review days before a quiz will also allow time to complete unfinished projects. 

    Review Day: reflection, summary, key terms, and finish projects. Before Midterm Quiz and Final Project 


    Necessary Materials for class: Sketchbook (min 30 pages, min 5x7in, mixed media paper is best)

    Optional: Magazines



    • Sketchbook 20% 

    • Projects 50% 

    • Midterm Quiz 10%  

    • Final Project 20% 

    Sketchbook: 20%

    • Must contain Do Now Sketches and Key terms. Sketchbook is also a journal and notebook and should reflect knowledge of lessons. 

    • Date each page in the top right corner. Sketchbook should contain a minimum of 1 page each day of class (A days- 25, B days-24). Students are expected to have a Do Now sketch for each day they are marked present in class. 

    • Refer to “what should I do in my sketchbook” list!

    • Sketchbook requirement: minimum 5x7in, 30 pages, required but can be larger!

    Projects: 50%

    • This class is mostly based on working to create physical art. Projects should demonstrate understanding of lessons, Key terms, and are graded based on effort and not end result. The amount of time spent counts as effort. Effort is defined as “a vigorous or determined attempt”.

    • Participation is a part of project grade. Participation is asking questions, taking notes, communicating with peers to compare work, and coming to class ready to learn and create!

    Midterm Quiz: 10%

    • Quiz 1 on content from first half of marking period 5%

    • Quiz 2 on content from second half of marking period 5% 
    • To show demonstration and understanding of Key terms within each unit and project

    • Multiple choice and fill in the blank 

    Final Project: 20%


    • This is a self-directed project where you will create 3 pieces of art. Choose any 3 elements/ mediums to connect the 3 artworks together.

    • Ex same limited colors, same composition, same style, inspired by same artist

    • Critique will be the last day of class so this is when the 3 pieces are due

    1 page paper:

    • due the day before the last day of class

    • must use some vocabulary words to show demonstration and understanding of Key terms within each unit and project

    • Explain why you chose what to do for your triptych pieces 

    Final Critique:

    • On the last day of class

    • Triptychs will be displayed for class to view and discuss. You should be able to answer questions about your project.

    An unfinished project CAN be turned in as 1 part of the triptych but then the other 2 pieces need to make sense and connect with it.  Unfinished projects can be finished for homework or saved for final project work days which are self directed free time.

  • Units, Projects, Lessons

    Unit 1: Drawing Fundamentals

    • 3D Shapes

    • Composition

    • Still life

    Unit 2: Perspective

    • Atmospheric

    • One-Point

    • Two-Point

    Midterm Review & Quiz

    Unit 3: Art History

    • “-isms” project

    Unit 4: Color Theory

    • Color Wheel, Color Palettes

    • Alphabet Projects

    • Stand Alone projects

    Unit 5: Final Project

    • Self-directed work days

    • Triptych Critique

    • 1-page paper due