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Mrs. Meagher-Di Ello

September 22, 2023

Hello everyone!  

We are off to a good start this school year.  The freshmen have read a great short story and are now formatting their first written response.  We have been focusing on creating arguable thesis statements and MLA formatting.  The juniors have read two great stories as paired texts, and they are now working on writing a synthesis paper comparing symbols from the two stories.  

I have heard very impressive ideas from all the kids.  I really admire the way they are willing to mull over their topics until they arrive at an original, well-developed idea.

The freshmen have finished formatting their personal literary/rhetorical terms glossary.  As we move through the year, we will add examples from the texts we read in class.  This personalization will aid in  remembering the terms.  My hope is that they keep their glossaries and add to them for the next four years.

Miss Hilenski, a student teacher from Kean University, is with us all year.  Until January, she is in twice a week. She is beginning to teach lessons to different classes.  It is great to have her, as she is another resource for your students.  When she rejoins us in January (after Kean's winter break) she will increase her involvement and take on teaching five classes daily. I look forward to supporting her as she does so.

Next on our agenda, all classes will be working on argumentative writing.  We will cover claim/counterclaim/rebuttal, and choosing the best type of evidence to support an argument.  

Please feel free to email me for questions or clafication!

Have a nice day,
Jennifer Meagher-Di Ello



September 1, 2023

  Hello everyone!  First, I would like to welcome the freshmen to the school; I am really looking forward to meeting you!  Juniors, welcome back; I am looking forward to starting this year off with you in person! As I  receive information about how we will be operating this year, I will pass it on to you.  For now, please be sure to bring a writing utensil, notebook, and charged Chromebook to school on the first day.   

See you soon!  

Mrs. Meagher-Di Ello (pronounced Mar-DLO)

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    NAME:Jennifer Meagher-Di Ello

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    CLASSES: Grades 9, 11 and 12