Welcome To Ms. Jarosiewicz's Mathematic's Class for the 2022- 2023 school year.
    Ms. Jarosiewicz's objective: To ensure I provide the most conducive learning environment for my students so that they may reach their fullest potential in the mathematics content they are learning this year. If you, as my student, are willing to put the effort in, I will do the same for you. Over the course of this year, my goal is to establish and maintain a classroom with a positive, safe, and friendly learning atmosphere.  All students have the right to learn in a comfortable environment, and I expect your help in order to create this type of setting on a daily basis.  Please come to class each day prepared to learn and ready to work cooperatively with your peers!


     Everyone has 24 hours in a day, how you choose to spend those 24 hours will determine your success, not only in my class, but your life in general. I encourage my students to practice at 30 minutes of mathematics every single day, regardless if there is a homework assignment or not. 
    You will do well in this class if you commit to a few things:
    1. Study for assessments
    2. Always do your homework and classwork
    3. Practice 30 minutes a day of some mathematics work we have done this year in class
    4. Always put 100% effort into everything you do in this class


     I look forward to having a successful, fun and engaging year with you all!


    No Significant learning occurs without a significant relationship of mutual RESPECT
    ~Dr. James Comer