•  Welcome to Auto Collision Repair Technology (A.C.R.T.) Room D-117
  • Career Description

                    The automotive collision repair/refinish technician is one of the more highly skilled and better paid technicians in the automotive field. The demand for Auto Body Technician far exceeds the present supply, due to the ever increasing number of automobiles and their use in our society. The automotive collision repair technician uses a great variety of hand tools including wrenches, hammers, dolly blocks, jacks, and power tools. Many special tools and equipment are also used in the trade. The student must learn how to use all of the tools and equipment in a proficient manner.      

                   The work of an automotive collision repair technician involves straightening, replacing parts, aligning, painting, etc. In addition to knowledge of working with various types of metals, the technician must also have knowledge of working with various types of plastics. This work may be performed by a general auto body technician or a specialist in large shops who do only one phase of the work. This makes it possible for the technician to choose from among all of the branches of the trade if he or she desires.

    Course Description/Purpose

                    This course emphasizes the application of basic skills needed to perform tasks involved in the repair of automobile bodies. Each student will have an opportunity to work with the tools, instruments and equipment necessary to perform the tasks set forth in the Career Description section. The evaluation of completed work as well as safety procedures and precautions are also stressed. Each student will be taught to know “why” a task is performed as well as “how” to do it in a safely manner. 

                   Along with the teaching of manipulative skills, emphasis will be placed on the mastery of fundamental concepts and principles as well as the ability to solve problems of a practical nature related to the auto body trade. At the conclusion of the program the student should have a background of knowledge and experience as an entry level technician.