TEXTBOOK:  United States History

    US HISTORY II, COURSE OF STUDY-  This course covers the history of the United States from shortly

    before World War One (1914) to contemporary America (2022).  The subject matter is viewed primarily

    from an American perspective.

    Grading will be weighted as follows: Test = 35%, Quizzes = 25%, Homework = 15%, Classwork = 25%.  A+=98-100, A=92-97, A-=90-91, B+=86-89, B=82-85, B-=80-81, C+=76-79, 

    C=72-75, C-=70-71, D=65-69, F=64 or below. Final grade to be determined by the average of the four

    marking period grades.  Rubrics will be provided for all written assignments.  PALGIARISING will not be

    tolerated and will result in a grade of zero.  Assignments will be made available as a hard copy or through

    the Google Classroom.  Late assignments will be subject to a reduced grade, but will

    always be accepted. Class participation will be impacted by student interaction with the teacher and fellow

    students, improper use of personal electronic devices, and class tardiness.  If you are on the phone or late,

    you are not participating in class.  Further information is available in the Student Handbook.  

    I. World War One
       A. Causes
       B. US Involvement
       C. Imperfect Peace- Treaty of Versailles
    II. The Roaring Twenties
       A. Boom and Bust
       B. Harlem Renaissance
       C. Red Scare and Civil Liberties
    I. The Great Depression
       A. Causes
       B. Impact on America
       C. Connections to Modern America
    II. The New Deal
       A. FDR and the Hundred Days
       B. Big Government vs. Small Government and Deficit Spending
       C. Connections to Modern America
       D. The Legacy of the Deal
    III. World War II
       A. Totalitarianism
       B. Pearl Harbor and US Entry to War
       C. Global War
       D. Manhattan Project and Dropping the Bomb
       E. The Home Front and Civil Rights
       F.  The Holocaust and War Crimes
       G. The United Nations
    I.  The Cold War
       A. Origins
       B. Berlin Airlift and Korea
       C. NATO and Warsaw Pact
       D. McCarthy Era and 1st Amendment Issues
       E. Cuban Missile Crisis
       F. Vietnam
    II. Civil Rights and Social Change
       A. Racial Equality
       B. ERA
       C. LGBTQ+
       D. Constitutional Amendments and Supreme Court Decisions
       A. Domestic Policy
       B. The Economy and the FED
       C. Social Injustice, Again
       D. Foreign Policy
       E. International Relations