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NJ FBLA State Championships

On March 6th - 8th, the Edison Magnet School students competed in the NJ FBLA State Championships at Harrah's in Atlantic City. Student competed
against the best students in NJ in group and individual events. Of the 80 students who attended the two day competitions, below is a list of finalists and
winners in all events.The Edison Magnet School also received some Chapter awards listed below.
We congratulate all competitors, finalists and winners on a successful 2022-23 NJ FBLA season.
Special thank you to our advisor, Mrs. Patil, and chaperones, Mr. Fernadez, Ms. DaSilva, Mr. Fernandez Sr. and Mrs. Patel.
Finalists Event Name Student Name   2nd Place Event Name Student Name
  Intro to Information Technology Dhikshith Gajulapalli     Intro to Financial Math Archisa Arora
  Cyber Security Ishaan Ghosh     UX Design Naisha Bhandari
  Intro to Business Communication Shelby Hilarczyk     Spreadsheet Design Thomas Catuosco
  Cyber Security Amruta Jayaganesh     Cyber Security Srijith Chintalapudi
  Insurance and Risk Management Shivarun Kankanela     Business Law Saniya Grover
  Economics Aaditya Mittal     Intro to Business Communication Srishi Hazra
  Intro to Business Communication Ramya Paluri     Intro to Business Procedures Shreya Iyer
  Mobile Application Development Sara Baheti     Organizational Leadership Aditya Kirubakaran
  Introduction to Social Media Strategy Isaac Chan     Personal Finance Mahanth Komuravelli
  Intro to Information Technology Rahil Patel     Intro to Information Technolgy Sai SriVastav Minnal
  Community Service Project Lalith Gundla     Networking Infrastructure Ajay Parthibha
  Business Calculations Suhani Sengupta     Coding and Programming Lakshya Chauhan
  Intro to Financial Math Dakshata Ravinder     American Enterprise Project Rahul Jain
Ishaan Ghosh
Mahanth Komuravelli
  Intro to Business Procedures Travis Nova     Partnership with Business Project Yuvraj Lakhotia
Divy Shah
Pranav Joshi
  Community Service Project Srivarun Kankanala
Fnu Prince
Lalith Gundla
    Marketing Martin Zhang
  Business Financial Plan Ashwin Krishnamurthy
Yuvraj Sankurathri
  E-Business Archith Raman
Sanjay Ravishankar
  1st Place Event Name Student Name
  Computer Game & Simulation
Vaghesan Sundaram     UX Design Nisha Agrawal
          Intro to FBLA Sukhveen Gill
4th Place Event Name Student Name     Business Calculations Rahul Jain
  Intro to Financial Math Jaival Jariwala     Business Law Rithvik Pogaku
  Journalism Sayuri Patel     Intro to Financial Math Aryan Vennishetty
  Intro to Information Technology Ethan Poon     Networking Infrastructure Fnu Prince
  Intro to Business Procedures Abhi Terala     Coding and Programming Anas Owais
Deepti Rao
  Cyber Security Nandini Venkatesh     Intro to Financial Math Aryan Vennishetty
3rd Place Event Name Student Name   Chapter Awards
  Business Communication Kavya Aggrawal   Passport of Progress
  Computer Application Aditya Barman   Best Small Delegation (1-100) Most Awards
  Journalism Suhaani Gupta   Champion Chapter    
  Local Chapter Annual Business
Aditya Kirubakaran
Suhani Sengupta
Ethan Poon
  Gold Seal Chapter
  Mobile Application Development Yuvraj Lakhotia
Divy Shah
Pranav Sitaraman
  Chapter Website Award of Merit
  Business Plan Pranav Joshi
Saadhika Prakash
  Gold Officer Award   Aditya Kirubakaran
  Healthcare Administration Satvika Singh   NJ FBLA Member of
the Year
  Aditya Kirubakaran
  Intro Business Presentation Deeya Mulchandani   NJ FBLA Webmaster   Yuvraj Lakhotia
  Social Media Strategies Eden Pajaro   NJ FBLA President   Divy Shah