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    Course Requirements/Syllabus

                                         U.S. History I – Grade 11

    Instructor:  Mr. Buonaguro


    **Please retain a copy of this document for your records**


    Contacting Mr. Buonaguro:

    Please feel free to contact me regarding your child’s progress, assignments or concerns.

    (Insert your child’s name in the subject of the email so I am able to identify you)



                phone:  732–254-8700  (Please leave message and I will get back to you as soon as  practically possible)


    Course Description:

    All students will acquire the knowledge and skills to think analytically and systematically about how past interactions of people, cultures, and the environment affect issues across time and cultures. Such knowledge and skills enable students to make informed decisions as socially and ethically responsible world citizens in the 21st century.


    Required Materials:

    All students must come to class prepared every day with a PEN or PENCIL as well as a 3 ring notebook (minimum 1” binder) with lined loose leaf hole-punched paper.


    Classroom Rules

    1.                  You are expected to be on time to class.  If you are late you must get a pass from the previous teacher. 

    2.                  Three (3) Unexcused lates will result in an after school detention and a zero for the class work that was missed.

    3.                  Unexcused absences or will result in a zero for the class work that was missed.

    4.                  You are expected to treat all teachers, students and visitors with respect.

    5.                  Foul language is NOT permitted.

    6.                  Food, beverages, hats, hoodies and unapproved electronic devices such as cell phones, iPODS, video games, etc., are not permitted.  They will be confiscated if not put away promptly.

    7.                  If your class notes are transferred to an electronic device such as a laptop, cell or smart phone, your notes must be printed out for any and all open book exams or quizzes.

    8.                  You must come prepared every day with your notebook, pencil or pen and you are expected to work (notebooks may be kept in the classroom so they are not forgotten!).

    9.                  Insubordination and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave the room if you are unable to act accordingly. Your parent/guardian will be promptly notified.

    10.              Do not distract others. Keep your hands to yourself and respect you fellow student.

    11.              Assignments given by substitute teachers must be completed in class and handed in to the substitute at the end of class. The failure to hand in your work at the end of class will result in a zero.

    12.              Abuse of restroom privileges shall result in a zero for the class work that was missed. Repeated abuse will be reported to the main office and your parent/guardian shall be contacted.


    Classroom Procedure

    1.                  Topics covered will be announced and written on the board.

    2.                  No surprise tests!  All tests and quizzes will be announced.

    3.                  You should remain in your seat unless otherwise instructed.

    4.                  You must work until your assignment is complete.  If you are unable to complete your work you must take it home for homework.  Homework is due back the following school day or the assignment will result in a class work zero.  Abuse of this policy will result in the termination of this privilege.

    5.                  Excessive class work, homework or “failure to work” zeros, will be promptly addressed with parent/guardian.

    6.                  Class participation is greatly encouraged. However, you must raise your hand to contribute.  You cannot simply call out your comments.

    7.                  If you are absent for an extended period of time (medical reason, trip etc.) you will have ample time to complete the missed work.

    8.                  If you are unsatisfied with something regarding the class, please feel free to speak with the instructor.  Many problems can be easily resolved with communication.  That applies to parents and guardians too!!  Please don’t hesitate to call.  I will get back to you within a 24 hr. period.        


    Grading Procedure


    A+     98-100%                      
    A       92-97 %                                     50% of grade will be class work and homework
    A-      90-91 %                                                30% of grade will be quiz scores       

    B+     86-89 %                                     20% of grade will be test scores        
    B       82-85 %                        
    B-      80-81 %

    C+     76-79 %

    C       72-75 %

    C-      70-71 %

    D       65-69 %

    F        below 65 %


    I = incomplete M = medically excused


    ***Failure to work in class will result in a zero for that class period. ***


    ***Class participation is greatly encouraged***



    U.S. History I Topics To Be Covered


    Colonization and Settlement

    Revolution and the New Nation

    Expansion and Reform

    Civil War and Reconstruction

    The Development of the Industrial U.S.



    Buonaguro 2013


    Course Requirements/Syllabus     (continued)                                                                                                                                                                             U.S. History I – Grade 11

    Instructor:  Mr. Buonaguro


    Parent/Guardian Signature Page



    *Return of this top page signed by parent/guardian and student is worth 2 class work grades.  Failure to return signed page will result in 2 class work zeros.*





    Parent/Guardian:  If you would like to provide me with your email to contact you regarding your child’s progress, please provide it on the line below.



    Parent/guardian email  _________________________________________________







    The attached course requirements have been explained to me by my instructor, Mr. Buonaguro, and I intend to assume my responsibility, as a student, to follow them.




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    Buonaguro 2013