Our school has enrolled with HELPme, by STOP it Solutions. HELPme is a technology platform to assist our school community with asking for and privately accessing a wide variety of help and resources.

    The HELPme app works by empowering students, parents, and staff to confidentially access help by way of three main features:

    1. GET HELP can be used to anonymously request help from local school contacts, including Messenger, which allows anonymous two-way communication with school contacts and help requesters.

    2. CRISIS TEXT LINE can be accessed directly from the app to text with non-local trained crisis counselors

    3. GET RESOURCES can be used to search community, local, state, and federal resources and helplines

    Here is a short video about the HELPme resource.

    Use one of the QR codes below to download the HELPme app.

    You can report a concern and/or access help by way of the HELPme app or web directory.    


Middlesex County Magnet Schools News

Middlesex County Magnet Schools Certifications


  • American Red Cross AWS CASE DECA


  • Cisco EPA ServSafe SkillsUSA




     National FFA Logo     Green Resturant Certification

  • Student-Centered Education

    Our schools offer a unique educational opportunity to students. Our approach features small learning communities that enhance student performance and achievement. Middlesex County Magnet Schools are dedicated to maximizing the skills of each and every student by creating a community that fosters educational exploration.

    We are the Community

    Nearly 8500 residents from the 25 municipalities in Middlesex County attend our programs. We are citizens, parents, staff, and students deeply committed to career and technical education. We work with business & industry, schools, the private sector and state and federal agencies to continually expand Middlesex County Magnet Schools' resources and ability to serve the community.

    State and federal statutes and regulations prohibit school districts from discriminatory practices in employment, educational and vocational education opportunities against any person by reason of race, color, creed, religion, sex, ancestry, national origin, age, English proficiency, sexual preference, marital status or veteran status.  Further, state and federal protection is extended on account of disabilities, social or economic status, pregnancy, childbirth, pregnancy related disabilities, actual or potential parenthood, or family status and other applicable laws.  Further information regarding these policies can be obtained from the 504 Compliance Officer, and/or the Affirmative Action Officer, call (Phone 732-257-3300).