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With the approval of their parents or guardians, high school age youth may make application to appropriate programs offered at Middlesex County Magnet Schools. Applications are available at the schools of all municipalities of Middlesex County. Students are offered admission to the Middlesex County Magnet Schools based on academic achievement, vocational technical evaluation, interviews, and the recommendation of the guidance counselor from the local school district.

Both full time and shared time high school programs are available at the Middlesex County Magnet Schools. Their selection is based on the goals and educational needs of applicants. In instances of limited capacity for a program, applicants from within the county shall be admitted first. Otherwise, qualified applicants shall be admitted on a first come, first served basis.

No tuition shall be charged to residents of Middlesex County for admission into the day school programs, but non-resident students shall pay tuition as set by the board of education.

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Application Instructions

  • To qualify for entrance at the ninth grade level, a student must have completed the eighth grade. Transfers shall be accepted at other levels provided students have completed the work required for the level in the school from which they wish to transfer. Additionally, to enter at grade 12, a student must have previously completed one year of vocational education in their occupational area of their choice.

    Need help with using the application portal? View a quick walkthrough video on our district YouTube channel.