SCHOOL NURSE:     

    Cristina Kelly,  BSN, RN, CSN-NJ

    PHONE:   732-634-5858  ext. 3018

    FAX:         732-634-7073

    EMAIL:     kellyc@mcmsnj.net



    The next date for sports physicals with the school doctor is TBD. First come first serve basis - spots limited. Download and print a required Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (PPE) packet. Paper copies are available to be picked up at the health office.

    ***CLICK HERE for Online Permission and Participation forms - must be completed before you can have a physical with the school doctor, by TBD. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO COMPLETE THE FORMS.

    Submit completed PPE packets to the school nurse with all required signatures by TBD.

    Students having their physicals with a private doctor must turn in their completed PPE packets with all required signatures by TBD.

    PPE packets submitted without all 4 pages completed with required signatures are considered incomplete and may delay final approval for sports participation.  

    Visit the Student Athlete Information tab for information and instructions to complete the PPE packet.


    If your child is sick, please keep him/her home.

    Call the attendance office at 732-634-5858 ext. 3010 to report the absence.

    If you take your child to the doctor, please ask for a note and bring it in when returning to school.


    Emergency Contact Information: 

    Emergency contact information must be completed annually, in the parent Genesis portal for each student for use in emergency situations. Consideration must be made about who is available to pick up your sick child.  Students CANNOT remain in school with fevers, rashes, vomiting, sprains, or any other condition that keeps them from class for an extended period of time or are possibly contagious. 

    Additionally, during the school year, emergency contact information must be updated in the parent Genesis portal if there is any change of address, phone number or parent place of employment.

    Students without emergency contact information will not be permitted to participate in school field trips or other school activities.


    Medication Policy and Permission:

    Prescription and/or over-the-counter medications for students will only be given during the school day with parental and doctor's authorization as indicated on the completed Authorization for Medication to be Given at School form.

    All medication must be in the original, labeled prescription container and brought to the health office upon arrival at school.

    Under no circumstances will any medication be allowed to be taken in school without this form completed by you and your doctor.

    Students who are prescribed self-administered medication for asthma and/or allergies are required to keep a backup inhaler and/or emergency allergy medications (including Epipen) in the health office for emergency use.


    Physical Exams:

    All new incoming students, all 9th grade students, all students applying for working papers, and all students participating in sports, are required to have a physical examination by their family doctor within 365 days of the first 30 days of the school year.

    If the student does not have a family doctor, the school physician may provide the required examination. The parent/guardian must indicate this in writing on the Parental Request for School Physical form.


    Gym Excuses:

    If, for any reason, a student cannot participate in the full gym program, a note must be brought from home.

    If this disability extends for more than two (2) school days, a doctor’s note must be submitted indicating the length of time your child is to be excused from gym activities. The note will be submitted to the school nurse for recording.

    Under no circumstances are students with medical excuses allowed to participate in sports or gym activities. Students must remain where assigned unless excused by the teacher in charge.

    All doctors’ notes to be excused from or limit physical education participation must be renewed, in writing, each school year.