Principal's Corner                           

    One of the many advantages that the Perth Amboy Campus offers students is a small student population in a modern and spacious building. Our relatively small student population allows our teachers to get to know our students on a one-to-one, personal basis. Students also get to know each other and this produces an environment that is most conducive to education. When I speak to my students and refer to the Perth Amboy Magnet School family, the students know what I mean.

     Our students realize the importance of a positive attitude and this was evident most recently when our students came together to write a mini-grant called the “Three R’s”-Respect, Responsibility, and Reliability. The student initiative that we see at PAT is fostered and encouraged by a staff that allows the students to grow and explore.

    We offer a very competitive sports program here at Perth Amboy Magnet School. Our Boys’ Basketball team recently won 3 straight Gold Division Titles and has qualified for the State Group 1 Tournament for the past 10 years. Our Girls’ basketball team has also qualified for post-season play. Our Varsity Softball team won their first Gold Division championship in 2018 and looks to add another title this season. 

    It is a pleasure to walk into a classroom and see our students enthusiastically participating in the various activities. Our students realize that PAT provides them with a valuable and meaningful education that is unique to our school. Our students are preparing for Life Long Learning and they know that Perth Amboy Magnet School gives them an advantage and opportunity to further their education in the future by building a strong foundation now. This is the reason we often refer to our school as Perth Amboy Magnet School Prep. Preparation is the key to success both now and in the future. At the Perth Amboy Campus, we are pleased to offer opportunities and advantages such as our Schools-Within-A-School approach and the ability to attend Middlesex County College right on our campus through the High School Scholars Program.

    If you would like to know more about our school, please email us or contact our Guidance Department at 732-376-6335.


    Mr. Brian Bilal