• Quality and Value of Our Programs

    ö Maximizes relevance because of ties to business and industry.

    ö Provides powerful career exploration to gain college and career focus.

    ö Offers a comprehensive program of studies.

    ö Validates relevance and value of career and college preparation offered by our schools through the MCVTS Annual Placement Report.

  • What makes our students World Class?


    World Class Students utilize technology throughout their lives.


          World Class Students value education


    World Class Students train for careers in emerging fields.


    World Class Students become high-tech learners.



    World Class Students prepare for the transition to higher education or further career training.


    World Class Students realize the importance of a global education.


    World Class Students exhibit leadership and care about the world around them.


    World Class Students pursue life-long learning that leads to success. 

  • At A World Class Technical Preparatory School: 

  • · Students are encouraged to attain word-class technical and academic standards.

    · Students are offered a comprehensive, challenging, and relevant curriculum in a technology-infused environment.

    · Students are provided a safe and secure learning environment.