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Upcoming events for Middlesex County NJ4S

26 September 2023 · Eshaya Draper  


Middlesex County is excited to co-host with Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care unique awareness events to kick off our region's NJ Statewide Student Support Services (NJ4S). During the week of September 25, there will be a variety of informational programming for our entire region.

The NJ4S model is designed to support the “statewide delivery of prevention services in schools, as well as other locations in the community, including but not limited to libraries, community centers, faith-based organizations, and family success centers.  It is a hub and spoke model network of social, emotional, and mental wellbeing supports for students and their families.”

You can learn about our counties’ prevention services and family support programs during these sessions. We look forward to seeing you at one of the upcoming events!

Providers and Educators Session on September 28:

Caregivers and Families Session on September 30: 


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