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Department of External Affairs

  • The Department of External Affairs is responsible for the development and implementation of innovative marketing campaigns and community outreach to increase the visibility of Middlesex County Magnet Schools. The department aims to build and sustain strong, effective relationships with community members and build positive brand awareness.

    Through sharing important news, events, and achievements, the Department of External Affairs keeps families, alumni, community members, news media, and industry partners in Middlesex County informed. Some of the services provided by the department that contribute to offering an excellent educational experience for all students and families are: 

    We love connecting with our county community.

    • Marketing and Graphic Design Support 
    • Video Production and Photography
    • Social Media and Branding 
    • Emergency Communications
    • Public Information
    • Media Relations
    • Alumni Relations 
    • Website Administration
    • Community Engagement
    • Student Recognition and Highlights
    • Employee and Internal Communications


    The department is responsible for publishing Insight, the district's award-winning quarterly newsletter that provides constituents with a thorough recap of highlights and achievements of students, staff, and programs from  throughout the year. View the latest edition of Insight online!

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