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    I am excited to be a part of a great team of educators and look forward to working with you to improve the lives of our students.

    The lives of our students are complicated and stressful as they navigate through their teenage years. Much of this stress is rooted in the normal response to peer, family, and school tensions. Occasionally, however, they are acted out in a way that can be defiant, bizarre, and even self-destructive. Teenagers often live with their emotional pain in silence. When their ability to cope with everyday challenges is impaired, their school performance often suffers as well.

    Student Assistance Counselors (SAC’s) provides a support system for students and families to use when circumstances threaten school performance. The primary goal is to increase every student’s opportunity to experience success.

    Student Assistance Counselors provide individual and group work around a variety of issues—conflict resolution, grief and loss, chemical use, depression and anxiety. Referrals are also made as necessary to community agencies for further services.

    Working together we can make a difference in the lives of our students.

    Feel free to discuss any student concerns with me.

    Email, call or stop by.


    Mrs. Elissa Goldstein


    Ext. 2233

    Email: goldsteine@mcmsnj.net


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