• Bully Reporting

    Reporting bullying is the responsible thing to do! Students may report bullying to teachers or other school staff, the social worker, guidance counselors or to school administrators. Anyone may report bullying anonymously.  You may place a note in any administrator, counselor or teachers mailbox in the main office area to report bullying.  No signature or identification of the reporting person is necessary.

    Any teachers or other school staff who witness acts of bullying or who receive student reports of bullying shall notify school administrators promptly of such acts. All reports of suspected bullying shall remain confidential. Upon receipt of any of the foregoing reports, an administrator shall investigate within 24 hours the receipt of such reports. In the event that the administrator believes there is reason to suspect that bullying has occurred, he or she shall follow general student discipline procedures.

    Anti-Bullying Specialist:
    Elissa Goldstein
    732-985-0717 ext.2233