Welcome to Food and Health Technologies







    Hello, I am Linda Rozner and it is with great delight that I give you an overview of the Food and Health Technology 18 week curriculum offered here at the Woodbridge Academy for 8th graders. Students in my shop will be developing basic culinary skills by preparing healthy and nutritious recipes with fresh fruits, vegetables, protein, and grains. Other skills practiced will involve basic first aid, landscaping design and growing herbs.

    . Math skills include budgeting for food, measuring, and calculating serving sizes.

    . Science skills include discussions and labs on food chemistry, how plants help our ecosystem, assessing health issues linked to poor nutrition, and fire safety in the kitchen.

    . Consumer skills include iPhone apps and analyzing food labels. Understanding how garment care labels help keep clothing in good condition.

    . Giving my students hands-on projects and activities will prepare them to possibly start considering a career in culinary arts, food science, health, or the horticulture industry.

    . This program is unique because students are analyzing everyday problems in a“ realistic workplace” and applying themselves to be successful. This is the most important life skill!

    . PBSIS is an important component for classroom management to focus on the student’s strengths.

    . Our 8thgraders have a great opportunity to participate and interact with high school students at health fairs, food challenges, and serve healthy snacks to our teachers.

    . My students know me as the “Fruit and Vegetable” teacher and are just beginning to enjoy adding fruits and vegetables to their diets!