• Admissions Information

    For students interested in attending Middlesex County Magnet School in Piscataway

    Students Are Eligible to Enter or Transfer At Any Time

    Interview Information

    Summary of Piscataway Campus career programs


    Admissions Overview

    • Students with the approval of their parents or guardians may submit an online application to the Piscataway Campus. Interested students must make an account to submit an online application.

    Students interested in applying to Piscataway Campus, should complete the Application. To complete an application you must first make an account. An application is not considered completed until receiving all supporting documents. Required documents for admission are:

    1. Final 7th-grade report card
    2. Current 8th-report card
    3. Discipline Record
    4. Attendance Record
    5. State Test Score(s)  


    How to Become a Piscataway Tech Raider 

    • Step One: Create an account, submit an online application and required documents 
    • Step Two: Review the information on our website
    • Step Three: Interview with a school counselor 

    We inform you of your status! 

     Transfer Students

    • Students that wish to transfer to Piscataway Campus should follow the same process outlined above. Transfer students should include the following documents with their applications: 
      1. Transcript 
      2. Current Report Card
      3. Discipline Record
      4. Attendance Record
      5. State Test Score(s) 

     Thank you,
    Piscataway Magnet school Guidance Department