• Welcome to Picsataway Magnet School!
          I am Rachel Henderson, and this year I will be teaching the following courses:
    - English 9 CP/ICR (2 sections)  *With my fabulous team teacher Ms. Susan Anglum  (anglums@mcmsnj.net)
    - Public Speaking/Creative Writing (2 sections)
    - English 12 CP
       This year, our school district is continuing to embrace 21st Century technology.  As such, we are asking that students take advantage of Remind, a free and anonymous text-messaging platform that reminds students of upcoming due dates, as well as the expanding Google technology.  Expect your student to be working with Google Classroom, Common Lit, Kahoot, Ed Puzzle, and other excellent tools to help them engage in the learning process. 
     I hold an MEd, and recently completed post-graduate work with the University of San Diego and University of California, San Diego.  In the evenings, I am an adjunct professor at a local New Jersey college.  I have over 23 years working in education, and this is my 20th year with the district.  Other experiences I possess include working as a Program Manager Analyst on Wall Street, and I am a veteran of both the United States Navy and Army. 

    If you need to contact me, I can be reached best by email (
    hendersonr@mcmsnj.net), or by phoning the school 732-985-0717 X2274.
    Interact Club 
    Come help us help the community!
    We are raising money for our community, with proceeds going to Pedals for Progress, and to Robert Wood Johnson Pediatric Cancer Ward. 
    You can help!
    We are collecting your old cell phones, tablets, and more.    We appreciate your help!  (Feb 1-16, 2024)
    Interact Club