•  Standard Safety Protocol

    Piscataway Vocational And Technical School highest priority is the safety of our students and staff. The Piscataway Campus Safety Team has developed pre-determined procedures and protocols to address a number of possible emergency situations, planned in conjunction with the Piscataway Police Department and Piscataway Township Fire Department. In the event of any incident that threatens the health or safety of students and staff, the following procedures will be implemented

    In the event of an emergency situation, Piscataway Campus staff will immediately implement appropriate, pre-determined measures for the safety of our students and staff. Communication will be initiated immediately with the Piscataway Police and Fire Departments. The staff will follow the pre-determined plan until the arrival of police and fire personnel, who will then take command of the situation.

     In the event of an incident, students will remain in school for the duration of the normal school day, unless otherwise directed by administration and/or the Police or Fire Departments.

     Parents are urged to listen to public safety announcements made at the time of the incident that will provide information and guidance on the situation.  Announcements will be made on:

        • MCVTS Honeywell (Automated phone calls to student households)
        • MCVTS Website 
    • The Piscataway Campus Safety Team is trained to respond to a variety of local public health or safety emergencies, including the implementation of lockdowns and evacuations. Details of these responses are not publicized for security reasons. 
    • Information on Emergency Closings, Delayed Openings or Early Dismissals will be displayed on the Homepage of this website.