•     Using tests from "Fitnessgram" and other reputable sources, my fitness testing program has evolved into a very thorough measure of one's physical fitness.  For those students in the ninth grade, the results will form a baseline that will expose any, and all, areas of weakness as well as strength. Twelfth grade students will perform the same tests, and the results should be a strong indicator as to whether one is trending in the right, or wrong direction.  All students will leave the Academy knowing whether they need to get fit, or stay fit!!!
       Students will be "scored" from 0-5 on each test, with "0" being unacceptable and "5" being excellent.  Scores of "2" or below could indicate areas of weakness/concern that the student may want to address in future workouts/exercise regimines. 
       The results of these tests DO NOT affect a student's grade.  HOWEVER, all students are encouraged to give 100% effort at all times (effort DOES affect one's grade!!).

    Testing Procedures

     1 Mile Run-Students will complete 4 laps on the ¼ mile track in as little time as possible. All students will start the test at the same time.


    Pacer- aka Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run. The entire class will line up in a formation facing another line 20 meters away. At the sound of a tone the students will move (run or walk???) to the opposite line. The time between the tones gets progressively shorter requiring those testing to move progressively faster. When you are unable to make it to the opposite line at, or before, the tone you are out.

    Push-ups- We all know what a “push-up” is (I hope!!!), but for this particular test students are not allowed to move to either the up or down positions until they hear the call “UP” or “DOWN”. A student is considered in the “up” position when his/her arms are straight and the body is in a straight line from the head to the feet. The “down” position will be achieved when the upper arms are parallel with the floor and the remainder of the body is in the aforementioned position. Those testing must keep up w/the “calls”.

    Shuttle-Run-  This will test your explosiveness/fast twitch muscle fiber. You will sprint from one side of the basketball key (approx 12 feet) to the other to knock over a cone, then back to knock over another cone.  You will repeat this cycle one more time to stop the clock.  This is a quick test that takes about 6 seconds.   

    Fitness Center Activity Test- Here, students will not only demonstrate there level of fitness, but also their knowlege, and understanding of how to use the various aerobic machines. Students will receive 1 point for every 60 calories he/she consumes in a 33 minute period using the Exercise Bikes, Treadmills, Elliptical Machines, and AMT's.  It is mandatory to use at least three of these machines and no more than 150 calories may be accumulated on any one machine.  Students MUST take at least two H2O breaks, but are not limited to the number of breaks in the 33 minute period.

    Flexibility/”Sit +ReachSitting on the measuring scale with both legs Straight and one hand on top of the other (palms down) the student will reach out as far as possible on the scale without rocking/bouncing. The score will be measured @ the furthest point. 

    Vertical Leap-  Students will stand with one shoulder (your choice) toward a wall with a measuring tape adjusted to each individual's standing reach.  To perform the test, you will squat down, and without stepping, explode upwards and touch the scale at your highest point.

     Pull-Up-This test will be exclusive to the male students. Gripping the bar w/the palms away and hanging, students will pull themselves up to a position in which the chin is @ or above the level of the bar, counting for one repetition.

     Flexed Arm Hang-As an alternative to “Pull-Ups”, only the Females will perform this test. Students will grip the bar w/the palms facing away. The test will officially start when the entire body is suspended w/the chin even with, or slightly above, the level of the bar, but not touching it. The test will end when the chin touches the bar or drops below the level of the bar.

    Standing Long Jump-Standing w/both feet together and the toes even with the line, students will jump (without stepping) as far as possible, keeping both feet together throughout the entire process. The measurement for the score will be determined from the original line to the nearest heel. Each student will have several opportunities, selecting only the best jump to achieve a score.

    Grip test-Using the “Hand Dynometer”, students will grip the machine w/one hand and record the score.  Then use the same procedure w/the other hand. as hard as possible using only one hand at a time. The average of the two scores will be the number that is used to establish one’s overall score.

    Walk Test-Students will start this test at the entrance to the gym and proceed to Edison Park where they will enter the track to complete slightly over four laps and finish the two mile course back at the entrance of the gym. Students are NOT allowed to jog or run at any time during this test.

    Plank Test- On the teacher's command, students will hold themselves in the "plank" position, keeping proper form for as long as possible.

    VO2 Max- or maximal oxygen uptake, is one factor that can determine an athlete's capacity to perform sustained exercise and is linked to aerobic endurance.  VO2 max refers to the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize during intense or maximal exercise.  To determine one's VO2 max, students will walk 1 mile as fast as possible and complete the following formula:  132.853 - (0.0769 x bdy wt.) - (0.3877 x age) + (6.315 x (0 for male or 1 for female) - (3.2649 x Time) - (0.1565 x Heart Rate)



    Number Rating- "5"=Excellent, "4"=Very Good,  "3"=Average, "2"=Fair, "1"=Poor,  "0"=Unacceptable


          1 Mile Run                                                        P.A.C.E.R.                                 Flexibility

    Male                              Female                                  Male                Female                       Male               Female

    >11:30=0*                   >11:30=0 *                        <30=0                    <30=0                         <2=0                  <3=0                 

    11:30-11:01=1          11:30-11:01=1                       35-40=1              30-34=1                     2-3=1              3-4=1

    11:00-9:31=2             11:00-9:31=2                        40-49=2              35-44=2                     4-6=2              5-6=2

    9:30-8:31=3                  9:30-8:31=3                      50-69=3              45-64=3                     7-9=3             7-10=3

    8:30-7:01=4                  8:30-8:01=4                      70-89=4              65-79=4                  10-11=4            11-14=4

    <7:01=5                           <8:01=5                         90+ = 5               80+ =5                   12+ =5              15+ =5


              Push-Up                                        Pull-Up          FlexedArm                          Grip

    Male                   Female                                        <1=0                     <1=0                                     Male         Female

    <8=0                   <3=0                                           1=1             2-3 seconds =1                        <50psi=0      < 45=0

    8-11=1               3-4=1                                         2-3=2                  4-7=2                                  50-67=1       45-54=1

    12-17=2            5-6=2                                           4-5=3                8-17=3                                  68-84=2       55-59=2

    18-29=3            7-16=3                                       6-11=4               18-24=4                                 85-99=3        60-69=3

    30-39=4            17-24=4                                      12+ =5               25+ =5                                  100-114=4    70-79=4

    40+ =5               25+ =5                                                                                                            > 115=5      80+ =5

       Vertical leap                      Shuttle Run                          Standing Long Jump

    Male               Female                          Male                  Female                          Male                       Female

    <10"=0              <8"=0                     < 5.99=0             < 6.50=0                    <4'8=0                      <4'1=0

     10-12=1          8-10"=1                  5.51-5.99=1          6.26 - 6.50=1              4'8-5'4=1                  4'1-4'4=1

     13-17=2           11-13=2                 5.26-5.50=2          6.01-6.25=2                5'5-6'0=2                4'5-4'11=2

     18-21=3           14-16=3                 5.00-5.25=3         5.51-6.00=3                 6'1-6'8=3                 5'0-5'7=3

     22-24=4            17-19=4                4.51-4.99=4        5.26-5.50=4                  6'9-7'6=4                 5'8-6'1=4

      25+ =5              20+ =5              <= to 4.50=5       <=to 5.25= 5                    7'7+=5                    6'2+=5

            ActivityTest                           Walk Test                           Plank Test

                   Each student will                                   Male                        Female                          Male                  Female          

                     get one point for                                > 35=0                    >36=0                       < 1:oo=0          <1:00=0

                    every 60 calories                                 < 35=1                    <36=1                       1-1:59=1          1-1:29=1

                   burned in 33 minutes                           < 32=2                    <33=2                        2-2:29=2         1:30-1:59=2

                   using- Bike, Treadmill,                         < 30=3                     <31=3                      2:30-2:59=3        2-2:29=3

                  Elliptical, and AMT                               <28=4                      <29=4                        3-3:59=4           2:30-3:29=4

                                                                           <26=5                       <27=5                        >4:00=5               >3:30=5