• All Edison Academy students complete a 10-day workplace mentorship/shadowing experience outside of school during their senior year.  The purpose of the Senior Mentorship program is to complement the technical skills learned in school with the soft skills learned in a professional work environment.  Students have the opportunity to apply valuable skills learned in school including research, problem solving, organization, and public speaking.  They also learn to develop the following 21st century skills:

    • flexibility and adaptability
    • initiative and self-direction
    • productivity and accountability
    • leadership and responsibility

    Students provide their own transportation to and from the site.  The ten days may be completed over the summer between junior and senior year or during senior year.  They may be completed consecutively or spread out, depending on the mentor's preference.  Students log their time spent at the mentorship site and write a log entry detailing the activities performed and problems encountered that day.  Mentorship logs are kept in an electronic format and can be checked by the mentorship coordinator.  At the end of the year, students present a summary of their experience and the lessons learned from their experience to their peers.  Students are evaluated based upon their log entries, their presentations, and the mentor's evaluation of the student.

    Our workplace partners include the following:

    • Grotto Engineering
    • DesignPoint
    • Bloomberg LP
    • New Jersey Institute of Technology
    • CME Associates