• Students

    Here are some students explaining why they decided to attend the Academy.

  • Support Services

    School counselor Richard Fernandez discusses the Academy's support services which focus on the individual and group. The program is comprehensive, coordinated and proactive and is highly focused on the student.

  • Facilities

    Beginning at the entrance of our school, take a tour of the building.




    Welcome to the Edison Academy, the top ranked school in New Jersey and the second ranked STEM school in the nation. This video provides an overview of our small learning community.


  • College and Career Readiness

    We put the E in stem. Our faculty, students and alumni help you decide if the Academy is right for you.

  • Student Activities

    The Academy offers a wide variety of activities which range from honor societies, service and academic clubs. Many of these allow students to join competitive events, and all of the activities allow leadership opportunities and for students to grow personally.

  • Engineering

    Our Engineering classes prepare students with a foundation in either Civil/Mechanical or Electrical/Computer Engineering. This skillset in both tracks will prepare students for college and the future.

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