• Health Education 9 (1 period, 1 credit)

    Health Education 9 encompasses the topics of alcohol education, human sexuality and making positive life choices.  Responsible, as well as irresponsible, drinking and effects on the body will be covered in the alcohol education unit.  The human sexuality unit will explore the various aspects of human sexuality, including anatomy, birth control and venereal diseases.  The student will learn about effective conflict resolution strategies as well as decision-making skills.

    Health Education 10 (1 period, 1 credit)

    Health Education 10 covers driver education theory.  Students review the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicle Driving Manual as preparation for taking the state written test for a driving permit.  Drug and alcohol education are included as part of learning to be a careful, responsible driver.

    Health Education 11 (1 period, 1 credit)

    Health Education 11 promotes an understanding of the human mind and how it influences one's actions, both appropriate and inappropriate.  The student will be able to choose a drug-free lifestyle and distinguish between healthy and unhealthy behavior in terms of disease prevention and proper nutrition.

    Health Education 12 (1 period, 1 credit)

    Health Education 12 includes units on environental health, basis first aid and safety, and marriage and the family.  The course also addresses consumerism in terms of appropriate health and fitness products.  The chemical health units focus on helping students appreciate the significance of a drug-free life and the positive influence it fosters in attaining personal goals and aspirations.