• Algebra II, Honors (5 periods, 5 credits)

    Prerequisites: Algebra 1, Geometry

    This course includes algebraic methods and graphing techniques with a special emphasis on problem solving.  It is a course for students with superior mathematical skills.

    Precalculus, Honors, (5 periods, 5 credits)*

    Prerequisite: Algebra II, Honors

    This course covers a wide array of topics used in calculus, including exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometry, polar, and parametric equations.  Students will be prepared to take the Math Level 2 SAT subject test in June. 

    AP Calculus BC (5 periods, 5 credits) 

    Prerequisite: Precalculus, Honors
    This course offers a comprehensive study of all of the objectives outlined in the AP Calculus Course Description.  Topics will include functions and limits, derivatives and their applications, integrals and their applications, differential equations and slope fields,  sequences, series, polynomial approximation, and analysis of curves given in polar, parametric and vector form. Students will use graphing calculators as an integral part of the instruction.  Students will be prepared to take the AP Calculus BC exam in May.

    Calculus III (5 periods, 5 credits)* 

    Prerequisite: AP Calculus BC with a 4 or 5 on the AP exam and teacher recommendation
    In this course, students will analyze and visualize curves, surfaces, and regions in two and three dimensions, in Cartesian, polar, cylindrical, and spherical coordinate systems. Students will perform calculus operations on vector-valued functions including limits, derivatives, integrals, curvature, and the description of motion in space.

    Differential Equations (5 periods, 2.5 credits)* 

    Prerequisite: Calculus III
    In this course students will explore solutions of first-order and higher-order ordinary differential equations using analytical, graphical and numerical methodology. They will use differential equations to create, interpret and solve linear and non-linear models with applications to science and engineering.
    *  Students can earn college credits through Middlesex College