• The computer science club is the Academy’s primary club for technology and programming-related events and competitions. We compete in various competitions such as American Computer Science League, USACO, and Robocup Junior. We meet weekly to learn CS theory, collaborate on projects, and plan CS-focused events. The club also offers a vibrant community for sharing ideas and projects, and this year we’ve partnered with Explore! Design! Solve! to foster the development of long-term projects that help our local community. If you’re interested in programming, software development, and technology, this club is where you want to be!

    Advisor: Ms. Gomes

    Council Members for ASCL, USACO and weekly meetings for the 2022-2023 school year.

    Co-presidents - Harini Nippani and Samuel Lihn

    Oversees ACSL, USACO practice, and events for the club.

    Vice president - Pranav Sitaraman

    Assists with all matters of the club, works with treasurer and secretary for smaller matters.

    Treasurer - Sanjay Ravishankar

    Works with club dues & registration fees as well as event finances.

    Secretary - Aarav Agarwal

    Works with attendance and helps with event planning and meetings.

    Meeting Coordinators - Neil Samant and Ethan Poon

    Helps facilitate regular meetings and help with teaching material, especially for ACSL and USACO.

    Stay tuned for updates