• The following are some of the competitions that our students participate in.
    The club averages a little over 1 competition or working meeting each week.
    Therefore, the league is separated into two working teams.
    The Math League is composed of local and national travel competitions. In some cases, completion of a diagnostic is required for participation.
    The Math Club are comprised of virtual and in-person meets that require a proctor to be present, and include all students at the Academy.
    If you are new to competition math, then Math Club is where you want to begin your journey.
    American Mathematics Competitions 10/12 (AMC)
    PUMaC (Princeton University Math Competition)
    Central Jersey Math League (CJML)
    American Scholastic Mathematics Association (ASMA)
    Moody's Mega Challenge
    NJ Teachers of Mathematics Association Contest (AMTNJ)
    New Jersey Math League (NJML)
    Advisor: Mrs. Gomes

    And here is our executive board for 2023-2024 school competition season.

    Pranav Sitarman - President

    Sounak Bagchi- Vice President 

    Abhay Bhaskar- Vice President

    Namit Agrawal- Secretary

    Ashwin Krishnamurthy-Treasurer

    Vedant Badoni- Events Coordinator

    Aditya Mittal- Events Coordinator



  • As the AMC 10/12 contest countdown begins, we are pleased to make available a unique collection of problems and online mock tests to help students rapidly prepare for the contests. Enrollment is now open at  http://amc.edfinity.com/?c=20
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