• Our four-year 40-credit engineering program offers students the opportunity to explore the areas of civil / mechanical and electronic /computer engineering technologies from both the theoretical and applied perspectives. Also included are applications of computer aided design and automated data collection techniques that are driving the nature of professional practice. It culminates with the CARTS project, Combining Academic Research and Technical Studies, and the senior thesis.

    Students enrolled at the Academy begin their engineering journey with the Exploratory Program. During their first semester, freshmen are introduced to each of the two engineering career majors, Mechanical and Civil Engineering (MCE) and Electronics /Computer Engineering Technologies (ECET), for a full marking period.  Upon completion of the Exploratory Program, students matriculate in one of these two career majors, as determined by their performance, for the remaining three and a half years. The Exploratory Program gives freshmen the opportunity to realize the best match for their academic careers at the Academy.