• DNA Club - Molecular Biology Research at the Edison Academy!
    Advisor: Mrs. Oakley
    WSSP 2020 Club Leaders: Purva Bommireddy, Niranjan Deepak (2020 Summer Scholar), Yuchi Zhang (2020 Summer scholar)
    WSSP 2019 Club Leaders: Serena Zeng, Purva Bommireddy (2019 Summer Scholar)
    WSSP 2018 Club Leaders: Yoga Pathak, Serena Zeng (2018 Summer Scholar) 
    WSSP 17 Club leaders: Yoga Pathak (2017 Summer Scholar), Anjali Gupta
    WSSP17 Publications: Yoga: 94YP1.17,  94YP2.17,  94YP4.17
    WSSP16 Club Leaders: Anjali Gupta (2016 Summer Scholar), Rohan Agarwal (2015 Summer Scholar) 
    WSSP16 Publications:  (https://wssp.rutgers.edu/wssp16-published-dna-sequences) 
     Anjali G: 94AG1.16, 94AG2.16, 94AG3.16, 94AG4.16, 94AG13.16

    Rohan: 94RM2.16

    Swathi: 94SP1.16

    Yoga: 94YP1.16

    Anjali B: 94AB1.16 (to be submitted 09/2017)

    Poojit: 94PH1.16 (to be submitted 09/2017)


    WSSP15 Club Leaders: Rohan A (2015 Summer Scholar) & Shree N (2013 Summer Scholar)
    First Round Members: Abhishek H, Avneet, Bartosz, Kamakashi, Anjali G, Malavika, Maya, Neehar, Rohan M
    Group 1: Rohan A (leader)
    Group 2: Meghna M (leader - round 2 only?)
    Group 3: Vraj P (leader)
    Second Round Members: Anjali G, Anjali B, Stephanie, Kunal, (& first round members with completed cycle?)
    Associate Members: Annie, Pavitthra, Rajul, Sonali, Kaavya,
    WSSP15 Publications: (paste clone name in search box to see publication at: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nucest/507330755)
    Rohan Agarwal: 94RA2.15 (Thioredoxin F-type), 94RA3.15, 94RA4.15
    Anjali Gupta: 94AG1.15 (carbonic anhydrase) 
    Avneet Randhawa: 94AG1.14 (Rubisco) 
    Rohan Mehra: 94RA9.15 (CBS domain-containing protein) 
    Abhishek Hariharan:  94AS1.13 (Gastrodianin-like anti-fungal protein)
    Stephanie Almeida: 94SA1.15 (Sequence of protease inhibitor/seed storage/lipid transfer) 
    Bartosz Skiba: 94BS1.15 (Sequence of 26S proteasome, regulatory subunit Rpn7 EST)
    Anjali Bothra: 94AB1.15 (Sequence of Cysteine synthase EST clone 94AB1.15) 
    More!:  94AG2.15, 94RA9.15,  94RA13.15,  

    WSSP14 Members:

    Club leaders: Akshay S (2014 Summer Scholar) & Shree N (2013 Summer Scholar)
    Members: Sonali P, Annie K, Rajul B, Nicole C, Mehak V, Mohammed M, Akshat G, Rohan A, Nirmal P, Vraj P, Rishika P, Meghna M,
    Associate members (continuing WSSP13): Kaavya R, Pavitthra P
    WSSP14 Publications:
    Akshay Sampath: 94AS1.14, 94AS2.14 (Myo-inositol-1-phosphate synthase), 94AS3.14,
    Meghna Mehta: 94ME1.14 (Glyoxylase 1),
    Rohan Agarwal: 94RA1.14 (Rubisco small subunit!)
    WSSP13 members (2013/2014):
     Shrey, Shree, Maria, Akshay, Vishaal, Pranav, Rajul, Annie, Sonali, Kaavya, Ravi, Pavitthra. 
    WSSP13 Publications:
    Ravi Sinha:       94RS1.13
    Shree Nadkarni: 94SN1.13  , 94SN3.13, 94SN4.13
    Shrey Mendiratta: 94SM1.13, 94SM2.13, 94SM3.13
    Annie Kim: 94AK1.13
    Go to the  NCBI Cross-Database Search page, and paste in the name of the clone to see the publication.  
    "To cite these sequences in resumes and college applications, we suggest you use the following format:
    01AMR2.12 WSSP Duckweed cDNA library Landoltia punctata cDNA clone, similar to thioredoxin F-type 1, mRNA sequence. Martinez,A., Levin,H., Mead,J., NCBI, May 24, 2013.  Accession# JZ356973 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nucest/507330755”