Organizing Your Classes

Posted by Amro Mosaad on 7/31/2013 1:05:00 PM

So you've made your new homepage (the one with the photo) and you're ready to add content for your classes?  O, you haven't made the new homepage yet?  OK, you have two options.
1.  Read the previous post and follow the directions in it.
2.  Contact Amro via email and ask him to "reset your pages".  This will make the job of making a new homepage and setting up your classes easier.  The downside is that it will erase any work that you've already done on your pages.  If you haven't done any work yet, then there's nothing to lose.
As for how to set up pages for your classes - to see what I'm talking about, go to the page for faculty member John Doe at the Academy.  Look to the menu on the left.  This is how I'm guessing most of us will organize our pages, by course.  If you chose option 2 above, it is just a matter of renaming - "Course 1" becomes "English 10", for example, and "Course 2" becomes "AP English".  Next to the page for "Course 1", choose Page Options on the drop-down menu.  There you can change the name of the page to the name of your course.  Make sure to click Save.
To create a setup like this without having your pages reset, create a page for each course that you teach.  Then create a page for each page type that you want for each course.  For example, if you want an assignment page for each of two courses, create two assignment pages.  You can simply call each one "Homework" at first. Don't worry that they are not properly organized yet.  Some other page types that you might find useful are calendars, file libraries, and link libraries.
After you've created all the pages that you need, click on Organize Pages.  Now you can move things to where they belong.  To place a page within another page, drag and drop it (let go when you see the plus sign on the page where it will go).  To change the order of the pages, drag and drop (let go when you see a horizontal line indicating the pages between which it will go).  Make sure to keep your homepage as the first page listed and to click Save.
Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.