Getting Started

Posted by Amro Mosaad on 7/17/2013 11:15:00 AM

For those of you who were able to attend the one-hour workshop at the end of the school year, you probably already have an idea how to at least log in and start editing your pages.  If you were unable to attend or forgot, no problem.  Directions are below:
1.  If you can see this page, then you're already on the school page which you reached by going to the URL and then selecting Edison Academy under Schools.
2.  To be able to edit your page, you must be logged in.  Click on where it says Sign In at the very top of the page. 
3.  Your User Name should be your last name followed by first initial, e.g. mosaada.  To find your Password, you must go back to an email sent to you by Diane Vellieux probably in early June.  If you have difficulty finding this, email me at and I may be able to help.
4.  If you've logged in correctly, you should see Site Manager at the top of the page.  Click on Site Manager. 
5.  A new window should have opened.  If a new window did not open, it might be that you have a pop-up blocker on.  The temporary solution is to hold down the Ctrl button when you click login.