• Public Speaking (5 periods, 2.5 credits)

    Public Speaking enables students, through practice, to develop communication skills that can be used in a variety of speaking situations (such as small and large group discussions, delivery of lectures or speeches in front of audiences, and so on).  Course topics include (but are not limited to) research and organization, writing for verbal delivery, stylistic choices, visual and presentation skills, analysis and critique, and development of self-confidence.

    Creative Writing (5 periods, 2.5 credits)

    Creative Writing is a semester course designed to provide students with challenging reading and places an emphasis on improving the ability to communicate using different forms of writing.  Selections will be read for content, form, and a a base for guiding student writing and discussions.  Students will communicate the written word through a variety of methods, including exploring the writing process, journal writing, poetry, short stories, plays, and genres.