• Objectives

    Practice distinguishing between transitive and intransitive verbs by identifying direct objects

    List the defining features of Modernism

     Lesson / Activities

    Do Now:

    1. Search up a definition of “tryst.”  No need to write it down.  Just read it.  
    2. Read the poem.  



    Activity 1.  Review direct objects at https://www.chompchomp.com/terms/directobject.htm

    With a pal, complete 11-20 of the direct object practice (pdf).  Create a doc, number 11-20, and type the direct object from each sentence by the corresponding number.  


    Activity 2.  With a colleague, Tagore poem + questions.   


    Discuss Tagore poem:  responses to questions, meanings of Self / self.   Dominant motif in Siddhartha.

    Oedipus test for Tuesday students.  (Wifi problems last Thursday and Friday.)

    Monday students:  finish power point on Modernism and review history of art movements leading up to Modernism

    Closure.   Try to list all four defining features of Modernism from memory.  If time, talk about books we have read that include one or more of these.

    Assessments.  Check worksheet together, discussion / q and a, responses to poem questions



    Due Wed / Th.,  Nov 10/11:  Read Siddhartha Ch 1

    Due Friday, Nov. 12:  Read Siddhartha Chapter 2

    Due Monday, 11/15:   Read Siddhartha Chapter 3