• Objectives

    Identify direct objects in sentences.
    Finalize presentation on a Harlem Renaissance poem

     Lesson / Activities

     Do Now: 

    1. Search up Tennessee Williams and read about him for five minutes—education, major works and themes
    2. Do two images searches:  New Orleans garden district; New Orleans French Quarter


    Discuss do now. Introduce Streetcar. 

    Activity 1.  Read about direct objects at https://www.chompchomp.com/terms/directobject.htm

    With a pal, complete 1-10 of the direct object practice (pdf).  Create a doc, number 1-10, and type the direct object from each sentence by the corresponding number.  



    Activity 2.    Read first few paragraphs of Streetcar together.

    HR poem project--last day.  Meet with each group about close reading aspect of the presentation.  



    Due Nov. 10/11:  HR presentation; Gatsby test

    Due Nov. 12:  Read Streetcar Scene 1


    Due November 15/16:  Read Streetcar Scene 2

    Due November 17/18:  Read Scene 3 to where Blanche says “I hate beer.”