Career Competency Tests

  • The State of New Jersey requires 87.5% passing rate by completers in all career and technical programs offered through End of Program (EOP) Assessments.

    Through this testing program we can measure:

    • Curriculum effectiveness
    • Instructional methods
    • Successful linkage with the world of work
    • The transition between school and work

    Many of the EOP assessments are comprised of two components, a written and a performance test. Some EOP assessments only require a written portion.

    The performance test is a work sample test which requires the test participant to demonstrate their acquired skills during an actual segment of work using tools, materials, machines and equipment characteristic of the career for which the test is designed.

    The written test is an effective instrument used to measure certain aspects of career competence such as factual knowledge and theoretical knowledge about the career.

    The EOP assessment score (pass/fail) must be posted for EVERY Careeer and Technical (CTE) student and will automatically be uploaded to the State of New Jersey (NJSMART) Data system. EOP's may be taken during the 11th grade or the 12th grade but must be completed and passed prior to being placed on Cooperative Education and/or graduation from MCVTS.

    In some programs, Industry Credential exams may count also as EOP Assessments