Department of Technology

  • In today's digital age, technology has an essential role in student education and daily instruction. The Department of Technology at Middlesex County Magnet Schools is critical to ensuring that students and staff have access to the best tools and resources.

    The technology department provides technical leadership by providing a stable infrastructure to support the creative needs of all students. Teachers can enhance student learning and facilitate individual support and remediation through advanced technologies. With administrative technologies, administrators can access and analyze student data more effectively. 

    The department prioritizes technology integration by coordinating and implementing all of the district's academic, library/media, and administrative technologies. As a result, the Department of Technology is well-prepared to provide innovations to achieve student success. 



  • In order to provide you with the best possible support, please use the department contacts for your technology support needs.


     Helpdesk - 732-257-3300, ext. 1938