Message from the Superintendent

  • Middlesex County Magnet Schools Superintendent Jorge E. Diaz


    It is an honor to introduce myself as the Superintendent of Middlesex County Magnet Schools. Understanding that it takes a team approach to raise the bar and accomplish great things, I believe building a solid relationship with all stakeholders of Middlesex County Magnet Schools is one of the most critical functions of the superintendent's role. During my 23-year-long career, I have emphasized the meaning of collaboration, communication, and coherence. The foundation of this relationship is trust. Therefore, I will be visible, accessible, and flexible as I work with students, parents, and staff. You will find me both available and approachable as we work together to enhance the educational experience for all students.

    As a seasoned educator, I have a wealth of experience serving as a principal at all three levels of the K-12 educational system: elementary, middle, and high school. As a former technology specialist, I had the opportunity to lead an instructional program known for its innovation and cutting-edge technology integration. And, for five years, I led the City of South Amboy as the Superintendent of Schools, orchestrating the improvement of every metric by which schools are measured.

    I am committed to maximizing student opportunities for growth in all areas as your superintendent. We will accomplish this through focused learning continually supported by the latest innovations in delivering instruction. We will continue to refine our curriculum, embrace new technology, and prepare our students for college and career readiness.

    I encourage all students, parents, and teachers to strive for excellence and take advantage of the opportunities presented at each of our campuses.  

    Parents - Treasure every moment watching your children blossom.  

    Teachers - Take pride in the role you serve to help mold our future leaders.  

    Students - Cherish your school experiences, the friendships, and the fond memories you will create... make it count in every way! 

    Looking forward to working with you, I remain, 

    Very truly yours,

    Jorge E. Diaz

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