Department of Facilities and Capital Planning

  • The Department of Facilities and Capital Planning provides high-quality and cost-effective services for Middlesex County Magnet Schools. The staff offers facilities that are clean, safe, energy-efficient, sustainable, comfortable, and conducive to efficient and effective educational and support activities. As a significant component of the success and happiness of Middlesex County students, the department is committed to being responsive, flexible, and innovative. 

    Following state guidelines, the department monitors and standardizes chemical hygiene protocols and implements necessary hazardous waste disposal procedures. The department also provides overall guidance, direction, and support to district safety and health programs. The department's purview also includes mandated Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) programs. 

    The Department of Facilities and Capital Planning plans for routine preventive and corrective building and grounds maintenance services, facilities infrastructure replacement, and energy conservation in the design and daily operation of all Middlesex County Magnet Schools facilities. Upkeep and repair of all mechanical, electrical, and structural equipment are provided by a skillful team of mechanics across the district.