• Algebra II Course Syllabus


    Instructor:  Michelle Gomes, Room 211

    Email:  gomesm@mcmsnj.net


    General  Information:

    This course can be identified in terms of several broad goals for the students:


    1. To offer an experience rich in mathematical investigations and applications.
    2. To improve the ability to think and reason, using mathematics as a valuable tool.
    3. To learn how to express ideas, concepts, and relationships in mathematical terms.
    4.  To learn and practice the essential life skill of working with others.
    5. To become fluent with four ways to represent  function families
    6. To learn and use modern Technological tools.
    7. To prepare for PSAT, SAT, and PARCC and various Mathematical Competitions.


    Students Materials


    Notebook/Binder- As with most mathematics, many written examples remain pertinent throughout the year. Should you choose loose-leaf paper, make sure to maintain some pocketed dividers. If you prefer notebooks, pocket folders will assist organizing returned assignments.

    Paper-  Plain, lined and graphing paper are three types used consistently throughout the year.


    Pencil Case- Should include a few pencils, pens, colored pencils, highlighters, dry-erase markers, white-out, erasers and pencil-sharpener if needed.

    Text Book:

    Discovering Advanced Algebra: An Investigative Approach, 2nd edition, by Jerald Murdock, Ellen and Eric Kamischke; Flourish/Kendall Hunt, © 2013.

    The textbook is available online at Flourish/Kendall Hunt for homework assignments. Students will use the hard copy of the textbook in class.Since the class textbooks are shared in several classes there are not available for home use.  Each student is responsible for his/her assigned textbook and is expected to reimburse/order new one if it is lost, therefore it is important to bring any discrepancies to Mrs. Gomes as soon as possible

    Calculators :

    A Texas Instruments TI-84 plus graphing calculator will be utilized for many applications. A graphing calculator can be borrowed from Middlesex Academy for the duration of your tenor at the Edison Academy by completing the attached permission slip. Each calculator has a unique serial number that will be assigned.


    The practice of doing homework is perhaps the most important aspect of your learning the material for this course.  Keeping up with the daily homework assignments will enable you to best understand the ideas presented in class. It will also enable you to filter out those questions that give you the greatest difficulty and that need to be discussed in class.  Some time at the beginning of each class will be devoted to reviewing and answering homework questions. Homework will always be assigned for your benefit, and it is important that you do it. When an assignment is to be handed in for a grade, this will be clearly announced in class. Homework (when it is collected) will be due promptly at the beginning of class.


    Quizzes / Collected Homework:

    When appropriate, there will be either an in class quiz or a homework assignment to hand in.  A quiz may be unannounced, although most often quizzes will be announced ahead of time.  Always be aware - you will be required to show your work on all assignments.



    There will be several in-class tests after completing each chapter. You will need to be well prepared for each test.  If you have kept up with doing and understanding your daily homework, then studying for the test should not be difficult. Each test will be written under the assumption that you have practiced many problems of a similar type and can therefore work efficiently during the test.  Your ability to do problems in a timely manner could affect your test score.


    Attendance / Participation:

    You are required to attend every class and to be on time.  

    If you must miss a test/ quiz for a legitimate reason, be sure to contact me at the earliest opportunity.In this case you will be allowed to take the test/quiz within the two weeks period without penalty.

    If your absence during the test/ quiz administration was marked as unexcused, you will be expected to complete immediately upon return. Special concideration given to students who contact me before or immediately upon said absence. 

    You are responsible for everything that goes on in class, and success in this class cannot be expected without regular attendance.  Regular participation in class by asking and/or responding to questions is REQUIRED.


    Integrity and discrepancies:

    The grades will not be discussed and the graded work  will not be compared in class – it takes time away from the learning process and creates unhealthy atmosphere. If you disagree with the grade – make an arrangement to see me in private, and will discuss your grade and review your work.


    Grading Rubrics

    When work is graded it will be in the context of standards based grading, as specific content will be reviewed for mastery, precision, and accuracy. Only missing assignments will be given a zero, and late unexcused work will not receive higher than an 80. The scale ranges from a 50% in which the students displays no true understanding of the content to a 100%  where each step is clearly identified, justified and explained. Grades come in three forms that are synonymous;














    ✔ - -

    ✔ -

    ✔ +

    ✔ + +

    Grading Categories:

    In-class tests/Projects                50% of the grade

    Quizzes / Warm-up / Exit Tickets        30% of the grade

        Graded Homework/ Investigations/ Participation    20% of the grade


    District Grading Scale:

        A+       98-100

        A     92-97

        A-     90-91

        B+     86-89

        B     82-85

        B-     80-81

        C+     76-79

        C     72-75

        C-     70-71

        D     65-69

        F     Below 65


    Academic Honesty:

    All cases of academic dishonesty will be reported to the School Administration.  There will be no tolerance for cheating.



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