• Forklift Techician/Mechanic

    (Please note: this is NOT a program/class for certification or training in Forklift operation).
    The Central New Jersey region is bustling with manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, transportation, ports and crossroads that necessitate a robust and skilled workforce. As well, this industry has an insatiable need for a constant stream of trained apprentices to keep the wheels of this important economic driver moving. In response, for the past few years MCVTS has been pondering curriculum development to add a program with a focus geared toward industrial, warehouse and supply chain/distribution equipment mechanics. The demand is big and the opportunities are available.
    Did you know that a forklift mechanic makes more on average than an automotive mechanic?
    However, the traditional manner of program development is to create a full four year program (grade 9 - 12) which takes a significant amount of development, planning, time and preparation. We will most likely still pursue this option, but it doesn't produce graduates for at least a few years. Recently, we have been made aware of a new type of opportunity, an innovative certification program offered through a partnership between the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) and the Material Handling Equipment Distributer's Association (MHEDA). Add a Career and Technical Education district, like MCVTS and together, we can help to fill this need like very few others can.
    This new type of opportunity can be implemented to an expanded region for potential students (the entire Middlesex County region, not just MCVTS students). It can be undertaken almost immediately and prepare students to enter the important, apprenticeable career field in 180 days or possibly less. It can be an "add-on" or a continuing pathway for our programs or to anyone's existing schedule. And, MCVTS already has skilled trade expertise in-house as instructors in many of our related programs. This opportunity is also being supported by a generous grant donation our district received from the Walmart Corporation, intended to be used for manufacturing and supply chain/distribution related programming. Because of this grant donation, we are also offering the pilot program free of charge to students!
    We are very excited to offer the Certified Forklift Technician program for an incoming class of students, and in the near future, for an expanded group of potential students and trainees such as out-of-school youth, adult learners, displaced workers, company training and more. We now taking applications for a pilot program that includes 10 hours of online OSHA training, 55 hours of e-learning program instruction, up to 15 hours of eyes-on/hands-on experience and a strong continuation with local partner distributors/dealers. We continue to work on details of this program but the important pieces are ready to go! Our partners are excited and we are eager to get our first class enrolled.
    We initially opened this program to any Middlesex County high school senior regardless if they attend MCVTS or not and we are looking to start in mid-March, we have also begun to include out-of-school youth and a couple of adults in our Pilot class. We look forward to getting our next class organized for the fall as we also work with our current class to begin this exciting process.
    To begin the process of entering the Certified Forklift Technician Program, complete the online APPLICATION, we will be in touch regarding availability, dates or next steps.
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    Current Openings for Forklift Technician:

    Forklift Technician (Mechanic: Auto/Diesel) - Raymond of New Jersey

    Raymond of New Jersey is looking for a Forklift Technician (Mechanic: Auto/Diesel) to maintain and repair forklifts for its customer base.

    (This is not a Forklift Operator position. We sell, rent and service Material Handling Equipment.)

    Who we are? Raymond of New Jersey is a Premier Material Handling Dealership located in NJ offering a broad range of forklift equipment, parts, service, rentals and warehouse solutions. We are looking for Forklift Technicians to join our growing team!

    We value our best resource – all the Raymond of New Jersey, LLC associates – so we provide a challenging, yet secure work environment with the opportunity for career advancement. We also value the long-term relationships we’ve built with our loyal customers and we look forward to developing new client relationships based on our reputation for quality, dependability and integrity.

    Main Duties:

    Field Service Technician / Heavy Equipment and Forklift Mechanics diagnose, repair, inspect, and maintain equipment including Forklifts, Pallet Trucks, Boom Lifts, and Scissor Lifts

    Provide courteous and professional service


    • Basic knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems
    • Exceptional customer service skill
    • Clean driving record
    • Dependable, self-motivated professional
    • Excellent work ethic and a POSITIVE attitude
    • Ability to work with specialized mechanical and basic hand tools.
    • Clean professional appearance and will wear complete company uniform including safety boots.
    • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and written.
    • Ability to perform basic mathematical computations.

     Raymond of New Jersey is an Equal Opportunity Employer.