• April 2023

sanjana b
  • Sanjana Bandi

    Sanjana is a senior at the Edison Academy Magnet School interested in medical exploration. Investigating brain behavior and mechanisms in labs at Yale University and the NIH, Sanjana has become inspired to conduct bench research as a precursor to diagnostic and therapeutic health solutions. As a volunteer in her local first aid and rescue squad, she has experienced the depths of emergency medicine while serving patients within her community. Sanjana also enjoys writing poetry and reading literary fiction in her free time; language has helped her embrace perspectives and amplify her voice. Throughout her academic and professional career, Sanjana hopes to continue pushing the boundaries of her biological and cultural knowledge.

  • Paranjai Patil

    Paranjai is a driven senior at Edison Academy Magnet School with a passion for public policy and its impact on society. Fascinated by the effects that government decisions have on people's daily lives, Paranjai is dedicated to creating positive change in his community. As a volunteer with Voter Choice New Jersey, he is committed to promoting ranked choice voting in the state, with the goal of ensuring that every vote counts and that elections are fair and meaningful. With a hopeful outlook for the future, Paranjai aims to further the cause of fair voting and strengthen democracy in his community.