Our Beliefs

  • Be Unique

    At Middlesex County Magnet Schools, our students are our most important asset. We’re focused on creating happier, safer, smaller learning environments where our students can apply their unique talents and explore common interests through hands-on learning. We’ve created a welcoming environment to harness the unique strengths of each student to help them attain their goals.

    Be Successful

    Our love for learning leads us to achieve. We go to college. We go to work. We are learning skills that will build our community and our country. We are well-trained and knowledgeable. We recognize that all students learn in different ways and believe that they all can be successful.

    Be a Part of the Community

    Our schools graduate students from every cultural and socio-economic group in the county. We embrace and celebrate our diversity and individuality. You probably already know us or have met us in your hometown. We provide skilled technical services; create and produce products; care for the sick; build houses, fix your cars and more. Nearly 80% of our graduates work in the county. 

We are the Community

  • With students enrolled from all across our county, you most likely already know Middlesex County Magnet Schools alum or live with us in your hometown. 

    Our graduates provide skilled technical services, create and produce products, care for the sick, build houses and fix your cars.

    If you ever needed your air conditioning repaired, a haircut, a party catered or a leaking sink fixed, you probably called on one of our graduates.

    We estimate, design and build, fabricate, remodel and customize. We inspect, troubleshoot, fix and install.

    We wire, network, landscape, plant and arrange flowers. We lay bricks and staff offices.

    We perform, entertain and staff theaters; we design, illustrate, print and display. We practice exceptional nursing, medical coding, and hospital unit coordination.

    We are the qualified graduates of career and technical programs.