• Welding Technology

    Program of Study


    This course provides a student instruction in electric welding, oxygenacetylene welding, manual and automatic oxygen acetylene cutting and inert gaswelding using both the tungsten inert gas and metal inert gas methods andplasma arc cutting and welding. Instruction also includes metallurgy and blueprintreading. Students build structures and repair broken or cracked parts accordingto specification. Graduates enter employment in the trade or begin apprenticeshipor post-secondary training.

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    Articulation Agreement:




    Course Name


    Ohio Technical College

    Cleveland, OH


    Up to 2 OTC Welding Modules (3 Credits Each) 



    Credit Type

    ·       Students must meet the minimum performance criteria while in attendance at the High School or Vocational Center with a passing grade equivalent of “B” or higher (3.0 +GPA on a 4.0 scale).

    ·       An Official High School Transcript will be required.

    ·       Students must begin their OTC program within one (1) year of their High School graduation