• Agriscience  

    AgriScience provides students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience within the field of agriculture, including: greenhouse management, floriculture, plant science, food science, and biotechnology. The AgriScience program follows the Curriculum for Agricultural Science (CASE) Plant Pathway. Once completing the CASE Plant Pathway, students can graduate with college credits determined by articulation agreements. The diversity of this course, along with their involvement in the FFA (ffa.org), will prepare students for employment within the field of agriculture or to continue on to college.


    Planned Scope and Sequence   

    Grade   Curriculum

    9              Basic Plant Physiology

                    Basic Plant Requirements

                    Introduction to FFA

                    Greenhouse I

                    Plant Taxonomy I

                    Floral Design I



    10           Greenhouse II

                    Plant Taxonomy II

                    Floral Design II

                    Landscaping I

                    FFA (continued)

                    Advanced Plant Requirements

                    Safety (Continued)


    11           Independent Study

                    Greenhouse III

                    Plant Taxonomy III

                    Advanced Floral Design I

                    Advanced Landscape Architecture I

                    Arboriculture/Ornamental Horticulture I

                    Turf grass I

                    FFA (continued)

                    Safety (Continued)


    12           Independent Study

                    Greenhouse IV

                    Plant Taxonomy IV

                    Advanced Floral Design II

                    Advanced Landscape Architecture II

                    Insects and Diseases

                    Arboriculture/Ornamental Horticulture II

                    Turf grass II

                    FFA (continued)

                    Safety (Continued)


  • Location(s):

    Piscataway Magnet School

    21 Suttons Lane

    Piscataway, NJ 08854

    (732) 985-0717


    East Brunswick Magnet School

    112 Rues Lane

    East Brunswick, NJ 08816

    (732) 254-8700