Curriculum and Instruction Department

  • The Instructional Services Department provides all instructors with standards-based curriculum, training about classroom best practices, and information about how to properly assess student understanding of content. In other words, we work with teachers to provide the curriculum, instruction, and assessment needs for all students, ensuring they are career and college ready. The Department keeps current with both federal and state mandates regarding graduation requirements, assessments and core curriculum content standards. We manage the ESEA Entitlement Grant and services for English Language Learners within our district.

  • Contact

    Eugene Catanzaro
    Director of Curriculum and Instruction
    (732) 257-3300 x1931

    Daniel Gallant
    District Educational Technology Supervisor and District Testing Coordinator
    (732) 257-3300 x1943

    Katherine Dennison
    Supervisor of Instruction - ELA, Social Studies, Spanish
    (732) 257-3300 x1937

    Sarah Rubin
    Supervisor of Instruction - Math, Science
    (732) 257-3300 x1944