Emergency Virtual Learning Plan

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    Pursuant to NJSA 18A:7f-9, schools must be in session for 180 days to receive state aid. The statute requires that school facilities be provided for at least 180 days during the school year. Section (b) notes that where a district is required to close the schools of the district for more than three consecutive school days due to a declared state of emergency, declared public health emergency, or a directive and/or recommendation by the appropriate health agency or officer to institute a public-health closure, days of virtual or remote instruction commensurate with in-person instruction will count towards the district's 180 day requirement. 

    The plan presents guidance related to the following areas:

    • Virtual Learning Implementation
    • Continuity of Learning
    • Assessment and Accountability
    • Equitable Access
    • Special Education and Related Services
    • Meals and Distribution 

    View the District Emergency Virtual Learning Plan online. This plan is an addendum to the district’s Emergency Action Plan in case virtual learning is necessary due to long-term emergency circumstances.

Safe Return to In-Person Instruction Plan

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    Section 2001(i)(1) of the ARP Act requires each LEA that receives ARP ESSER funds to develop and make publicly available on the LEA’s website, no later than 30 days after receiving ARP ESSER funds, a plan for the safe return to in-person instruction and continuity of services for all schools (Safe Return Plan) A Safe Return Plan is required of all fund recipients, including those that have already returned to in-person instruction. Section 2001(i)(2) of the ARP Act further requires that the LEA seek public comment on the Safe Return Plan and take those comments into account in finalization of the Safe Return Plan. Under the interim final requirements published in Volume 86, No. 76 of the Federal Register by the U.S. Department of Education (USDE), an LEA must periodically, but no less frequently than every six months through September 30, 2023, review and, as appropriate, revise its Safe Return Plan. 

    View the Safe Return to In-Person Instruction Plan online

Comprehensive Equity Plan

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    All New Jersey school districts must develop a Comprehensive Equity Plan (CEP) to achieve equity in educational programs. 

    The plan presents strategies in the following assessment areas:

    • Board Responsibility
    • Staff Development
    • School and Classroom Practices
    • Employment and Contract Practices
      • Equality and Equity in Curriculum
      • Equality and Equity in Student Access
      • Equality and Equity in Guidance Programs
      • Equality and Equity in Physical Education/Athletic Programs
    • Special Education and Related Services

    View the Comprehensive Equity Plan online